MEMBER NEWS: Terraocean launch set to deliver solutions for renewables sector

September 3, 2021
MEMBER NEWS: Terraocean launch set to deliver solutions for renewables sector

The Rigmar Group incorporating operating subsidiary companies, a leading global inspection, maintenance, marine services and survey company, has launched a new business unit in 2021 to support expanding operations in the renewables sector.

Terraocean, an autonomous operating subsidiary within the Rigmar Group, will focus support in the offshore and onshore renewable energy sector, including wind, solar, wave, tidal, and hydrogen energy industry.

The operating philosophy and focus of Terraocean is to provide services from blade tip to seabed.  Terraocean, with its vast experience in engineering, marine project management, surveys and positioning, installation, and operations and maintenance, will provide clients with a one-stop shop.

The business has already secured two six-figure wind farm inspection and maintenance contracts with Vattenfall in the North Sea and the Irish Sea.

The first project at the 11-turbine Aberdeen Offshore Windfarm includes underwater surveys and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections, data processing and GIS based deliverables, remote and rope access inspection and maintenance. The contract covers the offshore balance of plant works including the transition pieces, foundations and inter-array and export cables up to and including the landfall at Blackdog.  Terraocean will supply all project resources including personnel, survey vessel, equipment, UAV and ROV for the offshore survey.

The second contract, which is currently underway, will deliver a similar scope of work for Vattenfall’s 30-turbine Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, which is 10 km off the coast of Barrow-in-Furness in North West England.

Work on the Aberdeen contract began in May, and the Ormonde contract commenced early June, requiring 12 Terraocean personnel allocated to each project.

Recent success in the wind sector has resulted in a significant increase in the number of Rigmar Group offshore personnel.  The business, which was founded in 2007, currently has 55 permanent staff and we are recruiting additional staff across all disciplines.  In addition, it is estimated that the Group’s requirement for offshore personnel will double throughout 2021 to support the growth in renewables.

Rigmar Group CEO, Keith Nelson, said: “We have already delivered hugely successful projects through Rigmar Services and Interocean Marine Services in the wind sector in Aberdeen, Moray, Kincardineshire, and North West England.  The launch of Terraocean and subsequent investment emphasises our commitment to the sector and offers clients the full Rigmar Group services under one business entirely dedicated to renewables.

“The Group is targeting a number of projects in fixed and floating wind that will see offshore renewables accounting for a significant proportion of our activities over the next five years.  Terraocean will allow our clients in this sector to fully benefit from utilising the skills and expertise that we have developed in our business units over the years in the offshore and marine sectors.”

Vattenfall is one of the largest producers of wind power in the world, currently operating approximately 1,100 wind turbines across five countries.  With an ambitious growth portfolio, Vattenfall’s goal is to make fossil-fuel free living possible within one generation.

Operations and maintenance manager for Vattenfall, Steven Wares, said: “We continue to see the opportunities that are opening up for local companies to grow in the offshore wind industry. Contracts like these are creating and securing local jobs, and we are pleased to continue our working relationship with Terraocean.”

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Rigmar Group has facilities in Teeside and Great Yarmouth, the USA, Angola, the Middle East, and recently opened in Australia and Singapore.  Plans are underway to launch additional facilities in Indonesia to support oil and gas clients.

Together, Rigmar Services, Interocean Marine Services, and Terraocean, provide an integrated solution from project conception, through installation, operations and maintenance, to decommissioning. This ability to provide services throughout an asset’s life-cycle creates value for customers through the delivery of safe, innovative and cost-effective services, with minimum impact on the environment.

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