Delivered by AREG in collaboration with Opportunity North East (ONE)

This project is in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and is funded UK Shared Prosperity Fund through the UK government. The project focuses on delivering tailored expert advice, leadership support, and networking opportunities to help digital technology SMEs transition seamlessly into the offshore wind sector.

Project background

This project unveils a forward-thinking approach to revolutionise the offshore wind renewables industry through state-of-the-art digital technologies. This initiative, leveraging AREG’s extensive network and expertise in renewable energy, is poised to significantly deliver a positive impact on local businesses and the renewables industry. Central to this initiative is AREG’s collaboration with Opportunity North East (ONE).

ONE digital tech’s goal is to create a consistent stream of successful, ambitious, high growth digital tech businesses. AREG and ONE digital tech will collaborate on activity that amplifies and complements existing ONE activity, and shared commitments to accelerate digital tech innovation and connect local digital tech innovators with key players in the renewable sector’s supply chain. Creating a vibrant ecosystem for exchanging innovative ideas and solutions, this initiative is set to propel the offshore wind energy sector into a new era of efficiency and sustainability.

Project events

Interactive Workshops and Webinars:
Collaborating with the digital tech team at ONE and building on the EnergyTech Bridge Programme, a partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs and CodeBase, AREG will focus on integrating local digital tech businesses into the expanding offshore wind sector. These events will highlight the latest digital technologies and their applications in the industry, fostering knowledge sharing, collaboration, and promotion of local content and technology providers.

“Meet the Project Developers”:
This event aims to build and develop vital links between local digital tech businesses and leading international offshore wind project developers. AREG’s expertise in fostering collaborations will be leveraged to complement activity underway through EnergyTech and connect the dynamic local digital tech community with substantial collaborative and partnership opportunities.

Structured Networking Sessions:
AREG will organise structured networking events. These sessions are tailored for digital tech companies transitioning into the renewable energy sector, with AREG’s leadership team focusing on industry challenges and trends.

Project events (cont’d)

Hackathon “Digital Technologies Solving Offshore Wind Industry Challenges”:
AREG will lead a unique Hackathon Event in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen, OGV, and Intelligent Plant. This event will assemble a diverse group of talents, including data scientists, software experts, engineers, and designers, to address key challenges and issues within the sector. The Hackathon is a key event for fostering innovation and problem-solving within the digital and renewable sectors.

Digital Innovation Networking Group:
AREG launched a new networking group, titled the ‘Digital Innovation Networking Group’. AREG will host structured networking events with a primary focus on digital innovation and assisting digital technology companies to transition into the renewable energy sector. At each networking event, an industry leader within the digital technology space will be invited to speak at the event and share their stories of how they helped accelerate digital innovation within the renewables sector. Each networking event targets to attract 35 people.

Energy Futures Digital Dissemination Event with Technical Presentation:
The Energy Futures Digital Dissemination Event represents the pinnacle of this initiative. It will convene crucial stakeholders from the offshore wind industry and the broader technology ecosystem. The event targets to attract more than 400 attendees across the supply chain, academia, corporate, leading project developers, government agencies, SME’s, and community. This event will showcase the pivotal role of digital technology expertise and capabilities in renewable energy, emphasising local content knowledge and the thriving supply chain in the region.

Project delivery

The delivery of the project will be meticulously managed and executed by the AREG team, leveraging their extensive capacity and capability to ensure success. Certain aspects of the project will be carried out in collaboration with third party organisations. These partnerships will be overseen and managed by AREG. Below is a summary of their comprehensive approach:

Event Management:
The AREG team will take the lead in orchestrating all networking events, leveraging their extensive experience in organising and executing impactful and successful gatherings. The AREG team’s expertise in both event and operations management guarantees that these events will be conducted with professionalism, enhancing networking and collaborative opportunities. To further ensure the smooth delivery of the Energy Futures Digital Dissemination Event, AREG will enlist the support of the event management company Mearns and Gill, bringing additional expertise and resources to this crucial aspect of the project as required.

Technology Leadership by ONE Digital Tech:
The digital tech team at ONE will play a pivotal role in the success of the project by bringing essential expertise from the digital tech ecosystem. Their technical knowledge will be invaluable, not only in contributing to the project’s core technological aspects but also in aiding the dissemination of information across various platforms. Their involvement ensures a solid foundation of technical leadership and support, crucial for the project’s overall success.

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