The AREG Board

Jean Morrison

AREG Chair

Between 1985 and 2012 Jean managed and developed SCARF, a registered charity tackling fuel poverty and installing insulation in northeast Scotland. Highlights during her 30 years at SCARF include securing service-level agreements with six northeast local authorities and contracts via EU procurement, creating 70+ jobs, and establishing SCARF as a C&G Training & Examination and NVQ assessment centres.

Jean served as an Aberdeen City Council elected member from 2012 – 2017. She was awarded an MBE for services to energy efficiency in Scotland in 2002. As AREG Chair she has steered its development and growth, including the employment of the AREG member support team appointed in November 2023.

Gordon McIntosh

AREG Director

Gordon served as Aberdeen City Council’s Director of Economic Development for over 20 years. During his tenure, he held several senior positions, including overseeing the Enterprise, Planning, and Infrastructure Department. Upon retiring in 2016, Gordon was appointed Deputy Minister of Natural Resources for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Having returned to the UK, he now serves as Chairman of Aberdeen International Associates, a developed Business/Trade and Economic Development Consultancy agency, and serves as a director of AREG, supporting the organisation with knowledge and expertise derived from years of experience in the industry.

Sven van den Bedem

AREG Director

Sven is the Energy Transition Manager at Shell, bringing over 17 years of leadership experience in the energy sector. He has spearheaded large-scale decarbonisation and renewables projects, playing a crucial role in steering the business towards net-zero emissions. He possesses strong organisational leadership, asset management, and business development skills, having led large organisations with significant business, safety, and reputational responsibilities from early in his career.

Currently, he leads major energy transition projects for Shell. Recognised as a leader in the energy transition, Sven brings a suite of experience allowing him to support AREG’s targets in the fight to net zero by serving as a director of the AREG board.

Nassima Brown

AREG Director

Nassima is the Co-founder and Director of Business Strategy at Fennex, with over 20 years of global energy sector experience in nine countries. Her expertise in AI and cloud computing drives Fennex’s digital transformation efforts. Nassima’s strategic and solution-focused leadership has earned national and international recognition for advancing collaboration, efficiency, safety, and decarbonisation. Nassima is also chair of the Supply Chain Working Group at OEUK, where she creates opportunities for further collaboration and integration across the supply chain. Nassima’s specialist knowledge and experience allows her to provide integral insights with a collaborative focus that aids in supporting AREG’s work towards a just transition.

Rodney Hutchison

AREG Director

Rodney is a recognised corporate lawyer, recommended by Legal 500 for several years. He has served as Company Secretary for AREG before joining its Board of Directors and currently chairs the AREG professional services network. Rodney has been a prominent panellist at events like DC Thomson/Press and Journal Business Breakfast 2021 and Offshore Europe 2023, discussing mergers, acquisitions, and energy sector challenges. He regularly contributes to media articles focused on business, the economy, and energy, including Business Insider. Rodney advises numerous clients in the energy sector, spanning both operators and the supply chain, and is well-equipped to provide crucial insights into the development and operations of AREG and its future plans.

Alfonso Martinez-Felipe

AREG Director

Alfonso is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, known for his extensive research contributions and dedication to education. He has authored 48 peer-reviewed research papers and holds roles as senior advisor of the PrototAU student engineering team and hydrogen champion at the Centre for Energy Transition, advocating for innovative and sustainable technologies.

His career is marked by a commitment to fostering equal collaboration among colleagues and providing transformative opportunities for students. Alfonso actively engages with diverse communities and partners locally, nationally, and internationally, a commitment he continues to prioritize. Alfonso provides imperative insights to AREG’s operations as a director of the board through his expertise and passion for advocating innovation in sustainability

Cllr Dell Henrickson

AREG Director

Dell is a dedicated councillor representing the George Street Harbour Ward in Aberdeen, leveraging his passion for community service and sustainable development. Recently appointed to the AREG board in May 2024, Dell brings a robust background shaped by his education and extensive career experience.

A graduate of Aberdeen University, Dell spent nine years serving in the RAF, honing his leadership and strategic planning skills. He then worked for 20 years with Bae Systems, focusing on mapping technologies. As a board director, Dell’s experience aligns perfectly with AREG’s mission to advance towards a net zero future. Dell’s strategic insights and collaborative approach will play a crucial role in driving AREG’s initiatives to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and foster sustainable development within the region.

The AREG Team

Shona Teale

Operations Manager

With several years of project management experience in the global energy sector and a degree in International Business Management, Shona has valuable experience within the energy transition sector, having previously worked to support the advancement of the North Sea Transition deal at OPITO. Working closely with numerous stakeholders, Shona seeks to drive industry collaboration, foster empowerment within the energy supply chain, and accelerate the energy transition.

Chloe Giles

Business Development Executive

Chloe has extensive marketing and events management experience having created a whole suite of engaging and insightful events and is helping to drive forward AREG’s membership community. Chloe represents AREG at industry events and conferences and through effective networking and relationship-building activities, she is helping position AREG as a thought leader in the industry.

Sarah Wells

Senior Administrator

Sarah has years of leadership experience in the customer service industry, excellent resource management skills, and strong financial and business acumen. Through the completion of her MA in Psychology, Sarah is well-equipped with the skills and capabilities to support members and to drive awareness of AREG’s mission and services within the renewable energy community.

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