MEMBER NEWS: The Benefits of ISO 14001

October 7, 2020
MEMBER NEWS: The Benefits of ISO 14001

In the move to becoming more environmentally friendly and achieving a net zero economy, organisations should be considering how they can make their own processes more environmentally efficient.  Improved environmental performance extends throughout the supply chain and is something organisations trying to break into supporting larger renewable energy projects should focus on.  A proven way of improving environmental performance and reducing negative impacts on the environment is to have in place an Environmental Management System such as ISO 14001.

The benefits of ISO 14001 are well known across various industries, but nowhere should they be more obvious than in the renewables and energy industries. ISO 14001 provides a platform for organisations to consider their use of resources and become more resource efficient. It also encourages organisations to consider how the actions or inactions of the organisation can impact on the environment.

Organisations throughout the supply chain need to operate efficiently as well as protect the environment, as every part and process of the production, installation and maintenance of renewable energy will influence the overall environmental impact of the project.  The successful implementation of ISO 14001 will give the organisations in the supply chain the tools to identify and control the emissions of the organisation.

The benefits of ISO 14001 are not only limited to positive environmental change, the successful implementation of an ISO 14001 can result in improved cost control and upturn in business.

Organisations that have identified and appropriately controlled their processes which affect the environment, are less likely to have environmental incidents, leading to fewer fines from enforcing authorities, and potentially, even reduced insurance premiums.

Businesses which have successfully implemented an ISO 14001 system, are also likely to enjoy easier tendering processes.  ISO 14001 is globally recognised as a leading management system for the control of environmental issues, as such any customer will be able to identify the organisation that is environmentally conscientious.  Even if ISO 14001 is not listed as a pre-requisite for the tendering process, businesses with ISO 14001 may stand out from the crowd.

Any organisation wanting to see positive environmental change and contribute to the renewable energy industries, really must consider its own environmental impact, and ISO 14001 can deliver the tools to make that positive transformation.

Angela Scott, Director – Consultancy & Advice, QHSE Aberdeen

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