MEMBER NEWS: STC INSISO launch revolutionary new root cause analysis tool

July 4, 2022
MEMBER NEWS: STC INSISO launch revolutionary new root cause analysis tool

Aberdeen-based problem-solving company, STC INSISO, has announced its revolutionary new product, COMET Assured, an audit and inspection application that delivers a clients’ assurance regime but uniquely integrates root cause analysis (RCA) for non-conformances and compliance gaps, facilitating diagnosis and implementation of sustainable improvements before those gaps result in harm.

With a direct R&D investment from STC INSISO of £150k, already matched by early customer sign-up, the product has ignited significant interest from three major companies across Rail, Waste Management, and Energy, who begin their implementation from July 2022.

The unique methodology of this tool uses the insights gained through the audit process to analyse why non-conformances occur, compared to traditional audit methods that focus on what has happened.

This product can be used on its own, but also integrates seamlessly with the company’s flagship product, COMET, which provides customers with an incident investigation and RCA toolkit. For the first time in the market, the technology creates an integrated family of Audit and Investigation tools, incorporating both analysis of proactive findings (the audit) and reactive data (from incident investigation).

Steve Holmes, Chief Performance Officer at STC INSISO, said “We recognised that companies were approaching auditing and investigation as two separate activities when prevention is better than cure, so the real value lies in ensuring there is integration between the two activities. With our commitment to working with clients to reduce incidents, non-compliance, and loss, we developed COMET Assured to bridge this gap.

Our simple and easily integrated system goes beyond compliance, identifying root causes of incidents, or potential incidents, before they occur.”

Pip Spicer, Quality Management Systems Lead at Viridor, one of the companies that are already onboard to use COMET Assured said, “We have been using the flagship COMET investigation tool for a number of years already, so it was a no-brainer to integrate this new tool into our system which allows us with ease to pull through our audit data to better our safety performance. We worked in partnership with STC INSISO to develop the methodology to ensure it fulfils our needs and we are confident that this package will support our employees to reduce the chance of incident and risk even further.”

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