MEMBER NEWS: Semco Maritime asks – could your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) also be obsolete?

January 14, 2022
MEMBER NEWS: Semco Maritime asks – could your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) also be obsolete?

Time is running out for current PLCs

Manufacturers of decades-old PLC control systems may cease some control interfaces used in the oil and gas industry. Numerous producers of control interface equipment have ceased operations in recent years, and this tendency has continued.

While control interfaces may be less than a decade old, even with current interfaces, the underlying logic of the equipment may be antiquated.

The foremost reason for upgrading a PLC is obsolescence. Manufacturers supply only the essentials in terms of support for PLCs once they are deployed. As a result, any machine controlled by a PLC will eventually fail.

Additionally, solid-state controls with a single function are more prone to this issue than other types of controls. A sizable fraction of older industrial computers used in control interfaces are compatible with and maintainable exclusively on DOS-based operating systems or emulators. This may make future repairs more complex.

A reactive approach or planning for change?

Historically, controlled obsolescence has been mostly reactive, with scant attention paid to programmable logic controller and software obsolescence. This is not the best course of action.

Anticipating and planning for change can assist you in avoiding or mitigating the effects of obsolescence.

As a result, you may wish to respond expeditiously. The consequences of not doing this will lead to unavailability of declining parts, lack of technical support and eventually unplanned downtime. These can be avoided by upgrading to a modern PLC platform.

It has been found that existing PLC systems do not have the capacity to handle changes in the operating environment. The maximum potential is not able to be reached and is closed off to adding new equipment.

We can help you…

Semco Maritime’s process control solutions range from employing single PLC’s for machine or unit control systems (UCPs) to complex plant-wide networks incorporating multiple / dual redundant PLCs and specialist subsystems. Its capabilities include design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of Process Control Solutions.

Get in touch now to see how Semco Maritime can help you avoid the obsolescence of PLC Control Systems for your application offshore.

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