MEMBER NEWS: OGTC kicks-off net zero R&D programme with BSC Separation and Robert Gordon University

February 10, 2021
MEMBER NEWS: OGTC kicks-off net zero R&D programme with BSC Separation and Robert Gordon University

The first OGTC Net Zero R&D Programme project funding has been awarded to a graduate of OGTC’s TechX accelerator and Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

BSC Separation have been paired with Robert Gordon University to further develop their unique super-compact, multiphase separator, a technology with the potential to significantly reduce offshore emissions and at the same time generate electricity offshore.

Their multiphase separator technology is exciting as it has many potential applications, for example it could be used as a super-compact CO₂ stripper, replacing large contacting towers.

The company’s technology was recognised at the 2020 SPE Offshore Achievements Awards, receiving a commendation in the Emerging Technology category.

The multiphase separator R&D project has attracted the attention of industry partners who will contribute to phase one of the development project.  Future project phases are planned, with the performance testing of a full-scale pre-production prototype being evaluated at the test loop at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen in the last quarter of 2021.

Jon Moseley, Director of BSC Separation said: “The 16-week TechX experience in Aberdeen was outstanding. BSC Separation are delighted with the ongoing interest and support from OGTC and its member companies on this technology and we’re looking forward to working with the respected team at RGU – we’ve already got off to a running start.”

Dr Mamdud Hossain, Principal Investigator from RGU added: “We are delighted to be the first recipient of the new funding initiative from OGTC to develop an innovative super compact multiphase separator with BSC Separation. We will validate the design concept and provide design optimisation using our expertise of multiphase flow modelling using computational fluid dynamics. We are pleased to be able to bring our fundamental research into supporting industry and delivering impact.”

Dr Vinay Mulgundmath, Chief Technologist at OGTC added: “BSC Separation has had a remarkable journey. Following their graduation from TechX cohort two, they have continued to develop this exciting, niche, clean technology. Following their successful application to the fund, along with Robert Gordon University, means we can continue to collaborate, accelerating the development of technology for a net zero North Sea.”

OGTC’s Net Zero R&D Programme accelerates innovative company’s technologies through funded collaboration with Scottish universities. BSC’s reduced emissions, super compact, multiphase separator with power generation capability is the first technology funded by OGTC’s Net Zero R&D Programme. Backed by Scottish Funding Partners (Scottish Government, The Scottish Funding Council and Scottish Enterprise), the OGTC programme will invest in early-stage research and development aimed towards achieving a net zero North Sea

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