MEMBER NEWS: Magnetic attraction sees V-TES strike deal

September 7, 2020
MEMBER NEWS: Magnetic attraction sees V-TES strike deal

An Aberdeen firm has struck a potentially lucrative deal to exclusively supply and install “the world’s most powerful magnets” in the UK. Bosses at V-TES, formerly North Sea Power Solutions, believe it could deliver a boost to revenue worth at least a five-figure sum in the first year alone.

Electrical engineering company V-TES – owned by Granite City-based Valor Energy Group – is targeting the energy industry for applications of the super-strong magnets, which are manufactured by Danish firm Engiso.

The multipurpose V-Mag magnets are said to be the strongest permanent type available, retaining their full force over time. Coated with a layer of synthetic rubber with “outstanding” heat, ozone and weather resistance qualities, they can be coupled together to achieve extra pulling power, with capacity measured at as much as 17 tonnes.

With many of V-TES’ energy industry clients using welding, fixtures, bolting and brackets, the company saw an opportunity to use the magnets as a replacement for securing a range of items during major electrical projects.

Managing director David Gray said; “The agreement with Engiso is greatly welcomed as it allows us to add a unique offering to the growing range of services and products at V-TES. We are continually looking at how we can offer different solutions that can be of real benefit to our clients’ projects.

“The magnets will mitigate the requirement of welding and drilling for permanent fixtures, thus reducing any issues created by sparks, particularly when working in a gas environment. The use of these super-strength magnets will in many ways speed up our operations and, in turn, benefit the clients we support”.

Engiso chief executive Allan Frikke Hansen said “The partnership with V-TES is a major step for our firm. The collaboration allows both businesses to pass the combined knowledge and benefits onto clients and, in turn, offer a unique competitive advantage.

“The products can be placed on steelwork and easily removed using specialised aluminium tools, which has lead to huge cost savings across major projects that we have supported.”

V-TES, based on Denmore Road, employs 14 people and operates in energy markets globally. Valor Group was launched in 2017 by north-east businessman Graeme McNay, its chief executive and a former director of Aisus Offshore. It employs 40 people across operations in the UK and US.

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