MEMBER NEWS: Maersk Training setting the standard for the future of High Voltage Authorized Persons within the wind industry

December 1, 2020
MEMBER NEWS: Maersk Training setting the standard for the future of High Voltage Authorized Persons within the wind industry

Maersk Training launches a global specialised course in partnership with global offshore wind industry leader Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and the world leader in high voltage installation and commissioning, DELPRO Wind

The leading safety and technical training provider for the wind, oil and gas, and maritime industries, Maersk Training has recently announced a specialised course for High Voltage Authorised Person (HVAP) training for offshore wind.

Offshore wind is rapidly growing, with 2019 being a record year for offshore wind and expected installed capacity to grow tenfold before 2030. A recurring factor in this growth, however, is the limited number of High Voltage Authorised Personnel.

DELPRO Wind and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy approached Maersk Training to discuss possible solutions to maintain the high safety and skill levels while increasing the number of technicians to be trained as High Voltage Authorised Persons. Central to the task was to increase the competency level to lower the number of faults.

Dennis Hansen, Head of Division, DELPRO Wind said: “The training is key for us to ensure we can meet the growing need for technicians approved as HV APs, while continuing to deliver the most competent workforce and the highest level of service – anywhere and anytime. People are the backbone of our business; thus, we are willing to invest in their safety and developing their competences further.”

For Maersk Training, this was an interesting challenge. ” With having more than 40 years worth of experience in working with the blend of technical and non-technical skills in high-risk operational industries and our expertise as one of the pioneers in training offshore wind technicians, this partnership with two of the most competent players in the wind industry, will take the training of HV APs to the next level.” says Maersk Training, Operations Manager, Per Larsen.

Larsen continues: “The program is built on lessons learned, causes and best practice from the industry, and integrates technical and procedural training with Human Factors to mitigate and reduce the errors experienced in real operations. Furthermore, the program include a high portion of practical hands-on activities and two-way discussions, and will make use of Maersk Trainings advanced simulators.”

The course will meet the requirement of supervised operations by first performing switching operations in a simulated environment, where it is possible to induce stress on delegates, introduce errors and allow participants to fail safely. Secondly, performing switching operations in a non-controlled live environment onshore.

The simulated environment will include noise, alarms and vibrations to induce stress and create a realistic learning environment for the team in the field, as well as a simulated SCADA allowing to practice communication and cooperation between AP and control room engineer.

From Siemens Gamesa, High Voltage Commissioning Engineer David Collard states: “For us, the key is that the training focuses on live switching as well as familiarisation with grid, single line diagram, the functionality of the system, and interaction with the control centre. With the technology at Maersk Training, using IT-based solutions in a simulated environment makes it possible to monitor the trainees in a fault situation and see how they react, then review the situation afterwards. Through evaluations of their actions in such situations, we can develop their profiles and the interaction with the control centre.”

Collard continues: “This collaboration sets new standards for development of High Voltage Authorized Persons within the offshore wind industry. Working with Maersk Training and DELPRO Wind, we aim to create a training program that will cover all companies, suppliers, and clients, up to 72.5kV.”

The training will launch in Denmark in December 2020. As Maersk Training continues expanding its footprint and presence in offshore wind, with a global roll-out plan for 2021. “We see a major potential in being able to support our global offshore wind customers, in building the right competencies to perform HV switching operations safe and efficient.” says Maersk Training, Operations Manager, Per Larsen.

Find out more about Maersk Training here.

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