MEMBER NEWS: JCE Energy announces ‘Green Power Partnership’ with Greyhope Bay

August 13, 2020
MEMBER NEWS: JCE Energy announces ‘Green Power Partnership’ with Greyhope Bay

JCE Energy is giving Greyhope Bay the power to be green with a bespoke renewable power solution. This powerful partnership will see JCE Energy innovating their technology to meet project requirements for power on a historic and remote site, Torry Battery, through a reliable and cost-effective off-grid clean energy system. The power system will allow Greyhope Bay to operate a marine experience centre, community space and cafe at Torry Battery – a perfect vantage point to view Aberdeen harbour, city, beach and our visiting bottlenose dolphins.

JCE Energy is sharing its wide expertise in green technologies to design, manufacture and install a bespoke green power system that will use alternative energy solutions including solar, battery and eventually wind.

Jim Craig, chairman of JCE Group, said “We are delighted to be assisting Fiona and the team at Greyhope Bay in achieving a remarkable project which will undoubtedly improve the opportunities for local communities in the Aberdeen region to experience the wonderful marine environment and local surroundings of the Torry Battery.

“We believe our expertise within green energy solutions will help the journey to build a facility which is truly sustainable and provide educational awareness around growing climate issues while supporting the energy transition taking place on our doorstep.”

Greyhope Bay wish to extend an invitation to all AREG members to get involved and be part of a powerful community-led project that is leading the change, putting a spotlight on Aberdeen South and our communities’ ambitions for a more sustainable future. There are a number of opportunities to take part through both Greyhope membership and our ‘make a change’ initiative in demonstrating new technologies and operational practice for a low-impact and sustainable marine experience centre. Get in touch with Fiona McIntyre, founder and managing director of Greyhope Bay, at to take part.

Find out more about the green power partnership here:

Watch Fiona McIntyre’s interview with Jim Craig here:

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