AREG’s Response to the Scottish Government’s Draft Offshore Wind Policy Statement

April 6, 2020

The deadline to submit responses to the Draft Offshore Wind Policy Statement has been extended to Wednesday, 8th April  and AREG would like to encourage its members to respond to questions where appropriate. We would particularly highlight questions 10,13, 14, 15, 16 and 24.

The Statement aims to set out the Scottish Government’s ambitions for the future of offshore wind policy in Scotland, in light of the recent net zero by 2045 commitment made by the First Minister. The Policy Statement will also set the context for Marine Scotland’s draft Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind, which will be published for consultation in parallel with this document.

The Scottish Government wants to better understand the role of both fixed and floating offshore wind technologies in reaching its ambitious net zero target, and how it can maximise the economic opportunity attached to commercial scale offshore wind deployment in Scottish waters. It will use this feedback to inform the development of the final Offshore Wind Policy Statement.

Please click here to submit your views.

AREG Consultation Response can be found here.

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