AREG NEWS: A snapshot of February for the AREG team and what’s coming up next

February 27, 2023

It’s been a busy month for AREG preparing for the year ahead and getting out and about to connect with members and stakeholders.

Earlier this month Jean Morrison, Beverley Stainton and Nassima Brown, director of strategy at FENNEX Ltd, met with Bob Sanguinetti for a tour of the Port of Aberdeen’s new South Harbour. It was fantastic to see the project, which makes Aberdeen the largest berthage port in Scotland.

In February, we also attended Global Under Water Hub’s Subsea Expo 2023 at P&J Live. AREG chair Jean Morrison and CEO David Rodger attended the world’s largest annual subsea exhibition and conference and toured the exhibition hall meeting many of the delegates and exhibitors. It was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with many familiar faces from our membership community.

David also chaired the Offshore Wind: Subsea Opportunities session alongside Sarah Miller, business growth manager at Opergy Group, Russell Rafferty, business development manager at Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, Stephen Molloy, principal engineer at Apollo and Jamie McCallum, senior engineer at Wood. The session covered the current and future landscape of the offshore wind sector.

Our year will end in March with AREG and Invest Aberdeen hosting a Trade Mission from France who are keen to find out what Scotland’s North-east could offer potential investors and the supply chain.

We are looking forward to the year ahead where we will build on the successful Energy Futures Conference with our Energy Futures webinars and network events as well as planning AREG’s 20th anniversary celebrations towards the end of 2023.

Keep your eyes peeled to find out more about what we have in store for 2023!

If you are not already an AREG member and interested in hearing more about AREG, and how to join please contact or click here.

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