AREG event to focus on investing in renewables future

December 2, 2019
AREG event to focus on investing in renewables future

An industry event is set to explore the importance of investing in skills and resources as companies look to exploit new business opportunities in the growing renewable energy sector.

The Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) is hosting its final event of the year at the Carmelite Hotel on Wednesday 11th December. Titled “Investing in the Future”, the event will give delegates the chance to engage with leading experts from academia and private equity investment.

The event, which is free to AREG members, will see Paul de Leeuw, director of the RGU Energy Transition Institute, discuss key industry dynamics and the possible implications for the workforce of the future. Mr de Leeuw has more than 30 years’ experience in the energy industry and has worked for several major companies, including Shell, Marathon Oil, Amoco, BP, Venture Production and Centrica Energy.

Mike Sibson, head of BGF’s office in Aberdeen, will discuss the market’s view of investing in energy companies and where he sees the opportunities for the renewable sector’s supply chain. To date, BGF has invested over £130 million in the North of Scotland. Mr Sibson is responsible for making equity investments in ambitious SMEs and working with them to realise their potential.

Jean Morrison, chair of AREG, said: “The north east will play an important role in the shift to a low carbon economy and investment in both skills and resources will be key. Our high-calibre speakers will share valuable insights to ensure that attendees can capitalise on the energy transition and win new business.”

Paul de Leeuw commented: “With Government targets in place for net zero by 2045 (Scotland) and 2050 (UK), the future is clearly going to involve a large shift towards renewable energy. A key component of a successful energy transition involves developing a world class offshore energy workforce, which is equipped with the right skills and capabilities to meet the sector’s future needs.”

Mike Sibson said: “Scotland produces one quarter of the UK’s total renewable energy output, and there is plenty of potential to accelerate production. We have the people and knowledge needed to create the new technologies that will facilitate the energy transition. But significant investment is also needed – and this investment has to be long-term. If we get this right, Scotland will be on track to become the world leader in renewable production and technology.”

The event takes place from 18:00-20:00 on Wednesday (December 11th) at the Carmelite Hotel in Aberdeen. Attendance is free for AREG members or £25 for non-members who wish to attend.

To register, visit:

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