Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group


Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) is at the cutting edge of the UK race to build a credible and sustainable energy footprint.

AREG is a highly unusual and innovative private-public partnership that not only acts as a catalyst for change, especially with regard to the transfer of upstream oil and gas expertise to offshore renewables, but also undertakes flagship projects, not least the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre.

AREG was launched 10 years ago, when offshore renewables were barely on the UK energy agenda, and is perfectly placed to position the North East of Scotland on the global green, sustainable energies map… to make Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire as famous for renewables as they are for offshore petroleum.

In short, AREG is a strategic tool, not just for its immediate locale, but for Scotland, the wider UK and Europe. However, because of its unique position within the global energy network, thanks to North Sea oil and gas, AREG and its members activities already reach the four corners of the globe.

Jeremy Cresswell


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