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Ocean Team Group A/S has taken the decision due to the increasing demand for our services in the British Oil and Gas sector. We, hereby, invite you to welcome our newest contribution to our family – Ocean Team Fluidcare UK Ltd, based locally in Aberdeen!  

Through numerous worldwide service activities, since 1995, maintaining fluid transfer systems on- and offshore within the fields of Energy, Marine, Oil & Gas, Power, and Wind, we can truly state, that Ocean Team Group A/S has become one of the world’s leading service providers based on knowledge, experience, and continued technology development. Our experts and technicians work and travel daily across continents, providing niche services and patented developments as parts of full package solutions; saving our customer’s lots of trouble and lots of money.

From our newest office in Aberdeen, our General Manager Alex McBride, will serve as your personal connection and technical consultant, mainly managing challenges with fluid carrying systems in the Oil & Gas offshore industry, Refineries, Marine and Power. This UK extension of Ocean Team Group A/S allows us, as a minor, but globally effective company, to pull our strengths and forces together and be what we call a “GloCal” representative (Local by going global).

I would like to follow up on this introductory opportunity in order to establish contact on a common interest and to create awareness.


Should you, or your colleague, have considerations of any kind regarding your systems or the liquid herein, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me. I am available for a casual and non-binding advice.

To read more about Ocean Team Group A/S, and the services we provide, feel free to visit our knowledge library and informative website at www.oceanteam.eu

For more information please contact:

Anders Sloth
General Manager

Ocean Team Fluidcare
Howe Moss Avenue
Kirkhall Industrial Estate
AB21 0GP

T: +45 75 18 00 77
M: 07715 657168
E: as@oceanteam.co.uk
W: www.oceanteam.eu