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North Sea Power Solutions deliver electrical services to the Oil & gas industry worldwide on a wide range of installations.

We are a compact, dynamic and progressive company who are proud to offer pragmatic, cost effective solutions that are carried out with a high standard of due diligence and integrity of which is reinforced by NSPS values.

We recognise the continual advancements in engineering  and technology. To embrace the change we at NSPS ensure we provide the latest best industry practises and techniques by being affiliated with professional and regulatory bodies which is passed on to our clients.
NSPS appreciate that to carry out business in today’s society, companies require to adhere to their core values to build trust and maintain professional behaviours and integrity.

NSPS adopt the following core values –


Integrity is at the heart of NSPS and we are proud of our reputation so far. We believe a good name is worth more your weight in gold. As mentioned above we build trust and are open, honest and transparent. Our team operate in many differing cultures ranging from Far east to Middle east to North East so we feel it is important that we operate with a high integrity and ethic policy integrating with all local rules and regulations.

Safety & Assurance

Safety & Assurance is paramount and is our top priority for our team at NSPS. We know we have the power to Stop any unsafe acts, behaviours and situations. We champion safe behaviours and acts. We embrace clients safety culture, rules and reinforce compliance at all times to ensure that our colleagues return to their family and friends the very same way they started. NSPS are focused on assuring safety on every task we carry out.


NSPS commit to delivering electrical solutions worldwide in a safely, cost effective and timely manner. As a compact, dynamic and progressive company we are realists and only commit to clients when a delivered solution can be guaranteed. This open and honest approach so far has created trust and confidence with our growing Clients worldwide.


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