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Xodus Group is a global energy consultancy delivering an integrated independent approach to the challenges that form part of any low carbon project, be it finance, developing technology, consent or safety.

With more than 500 experts working across Europe, The Americas, Middle East, Australia and Africa, Xodus Group is establishing an impressive reputation in engineering, environment, safety and commercial consultancy services in support of wind, wave, tidal, CCS and geothermal developments.

Xodus works across the Offshore renewable energy sector with developers, suppliers, contractors, governments, investors and research institutions which helps us understand the interrelated challenges that face the industry.

We know that integration of our services makes Xodus Group different. We are therefore wholly committed to ensuring that our structure and culture allows us to integrate with the client, their project team and supply chain ensuring that corporate goals are fundamentally understood and cascaded to every level within the project team. Our integrated services and technical skills ensure efficient sharing of knowledge at key interfaces and common focus on key project drivers that result in intelligent management of interface risks.

From the UKs largest Round 3 windfarms, through to  the latest floating wind technology, Statoil’s Hywind  pilot project, and the exciting developments in wave and tidal energy at EMEC and the Pentland Firth, Xodus Group is trusted by experienced developers and new entrants alike to apply independent, integrated thinking to their projects.


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