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Formed in 2010, W3G Marine develops cost effective offshore installation assets and equipment which feature high level of safety, operability and cost effectiveness.

Drawing on over 100 years of offshore subsea construction experience gained in the Oil & Gas industry, W3G Marine has designed an optimised wind turbine foundation installation solution.  The game changing, Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Ship (OWTIS™) has now reached an advanced stage of development and is generally accepted as one of the most efficient methods of foundation installation.

The company also has a patented noise mitigation system, HydroNAS™, which achieved typical 25dB SEL and 35dB peak noise reduction at an offshore trial of the installation of a 5m diameter monopile.  HydroNAS™ has many advantages against alternative underwater noise mitigation options.  It requires minimal deck space, is off the main vessel critical path and is cost effective.  To complement HydroNAS™ W3G Marine has also developed and patented innovative deployment methodologies and unique piling template characteristics.


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