Viking Seatech Ltd

Viking Seatech provides a comprehensive range of mooring equipment and associated services to the offshore oil and gas exploration, drilling and FPSO projects, offshore construction and renewable energy projects.

Headquartered inAberdeen, the company has over 20 years’ experience successfully delivering mooring solutions in the world’s harshest offshore environment, operating in Europe, North Africa, theMiddle East, North America and the Asia Pacific region and has offices and bases in Norway, Singapore, Australia and the USA.

We provide innovative solutions including design and installation supervision of pre-laid mooring arrangements which have been proven to reduce operational time, cost, and risk without compromising safety.

Viking Seatech’s in-house engineering and marine operations departments are responsible for the drafting of all procedural aspects of marine operations offshore, including:

  • Mooring system design / analysis and specification.
  • Rental of mooring equipment.
  • Rig move planning and supervision.
  • Mooring system installation services.
  • Vessel audits.
  • Logistics services.
  • Sale of mooring equipment.
  • Inspection, testing and repair services for mooring equipment.
  • Offshore positioning.
  • Drilling and marine personnel.

Viking Seatech operates a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and is registered with FPAL.

DNV certification maintained for:

  • Hire and sale of marine buoys, navigation aids, mooring systems, chain and anchors.
  • Manufacture and sale of wire rope products.
  • Provision of a load testing and chain inspection services.
  • Provision of consultancy services associated with mooring systems, design and analysis of mooring systems.


For further information contact:
Christopher Noble
Commercial and Business Analysis Manager

Viking SeaTech Ltd
Peterseat Drive
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T: +44(0)1224 516516
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