University of Aberdeen


The University of Aberdeen has a significant capability in energy-related research; much of it is directed or relevant to renewable energy technologies.  We have capabilities in:

Renewable Energy Technologies:

  • Biomass production, supply and conversion for heat, power and transport
  • Wave energy systems
  • Photocatalysis and dye sensitized photovoltaic cells

Sustainable Energy Vectors:

  • Hydrogen production from renewables and photocatalysis
  • Fuel cells


  • Application of power electronics to HVDC power transmission systems and integration of renewable energy sources


  • Development and implementation of sustainable transport systems

Social, Economic and Policy:

  • Whole systems research – energy flows in sustainable systems
  • Policy and governance
  • Economics of renewable energy, particularly bioenergy and offshore wind
  • Public perception

Energy Demand Reduction:

  • Development of new engineering concepts, materials and methods for low energy, low carbon buildings

Environmental Impacts:

  • Assessments of the impacts of offshore wind structures on wildlife


  • Legal frameworks for renewable energy in Scotland, the UK and the EU
  • Governance for offshore renewable energy development, generation and transmission
  • Renewable energy and terrestrial and marine planning law, environmental law and property law


For further information contact:

Dr Elizabeth-Ann Rattray
Director of Research and Innovation, Company Development

T: +44 (0)1224 272121