Skyform operates throughout Europe, primarily working in the UK on offshore and onshore wind turbines. We offer a comprehensive service package for maintaining access systems and are now focusing our attention on a wider scope of maintenance service whilst our technicians are available at WTG’s. Skyform has built its 25 year reputation on compliance and safety and will ensure these needs of the customer are always satisfied.

Skyform are the leading maintenance and service provider of the Skyman International TH250 Towerhoist and Draka Towerhoist Systems in the UL and Ireland both onshore and offshore again with a twenty-five year pedigree of this industry.

  • Tower access system specialists.
  • Towerhoist training centre.
  • Service centre.
  • Temporary suspended platforms.
  • External wind turbine access.
  • Turbine component database.

Skyform is able to provide an excellent customer focused service. Throughout the industry the costs of hoist maintenance are substantial and at Skyform we aim to minimise these essential costs and add value to your product. 

Under Loler Regulations all access equipment requires a six monthly inspection, we will manage your access system from the first time we see it to take all of the hassle out of remembering renewal dates. We will write to you to remind you of your inspection dates and make arrangements for a visit to site to keep the equipment operational at all times. We have the ability to do this easily due to our unique database which was designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients. We provide full access to the database to our clients to allow them to monitor progress and audit our work.

At Skyform we are able to provide an inspection and repair facility where all faults are repaired immediately or as soon as possible to allow continuous use of the equipment. Vital as nobody likes to climb the ladders!

We operate a training centre at our head office which is important to ensure that all users of the Skyman equipment are trained in the safe use; a legal requirement.

Skyform are regulated and audited by the Specialist Access Engineering and Maintenance Association (SAEMA) who ensure we operate with full independence and work to BS EN 1808. 

For further information contact:
Jim Campbell
Managing Director
8 Holland Place
AB25 3UW

T: +44(0)1224 630355