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The Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) promotes and develops expertise in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. SHFCA is one of the most rapidly growing hydrogen and fuel cell membership organisations in the world. Now with over 70 members, SHFCA has the broadest membership base of any hydrogen and fuel cell associations in Europe. This doubling of membership in the last two years reflects both the increasing awareness of our technologies and also recognises how hydrogen and fuel cell technologies can enable renewables to deliver their full economic and environmental potential.

A key objective for SHFCA is to help our members to develop and deliver projects linked to key market opportunity areas with transport, stationary power and energy storage linked to renewables. We also have the ambition for SHFCA to achieve the largest membership base of any hydrogen and fuel cell organisation in the world using the opportunities for us to support the development of cleantech, energy efficient technologies and renewables in Scotland to deliver real benefits in practical and economic terms at a local level.

SHFCA membership is open to all-comers. We provide a coherent voice to represent, promote and develop Scottish hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. There is considerable opportunity for Scotland to achieve a major hydrogen and fuel cell economy. We believe that through SHFCA we can harness the skills and expertise available to ensure that Scotland is promoted on a national and international stage as a preferred destination for fuel cell and hydrogen development and deployment.


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Nigel Holmes

Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
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T: +44(0)7818 091466

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