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James Hutton Limited is the commercial branch of The James Hutton Institute, an international centre for research and engagement to deliver evidence based solutions to the global challenges facing land and natural resource use both now and in the future.

By exploiting our unique combination of understanding the policy, strategic needs and their implications, we offer unrivalled expertise and experience in a range of sectors relating to renewable energy.

Our services and consultancy to both public and private sectors include:

  • Strategic and tactical planning for wind energy developments for local authorities
  • Raising public awareness and public consultations for renewable developments
  • Reviewing environmental statements for wind farm developers and government
  • Modelling and decision support tools
  • Maps and environmental data for sites in Scotland
  • Immersive Virtual Landscape Theatre
  • Assessment of site suitability for renewable energy developments for:
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Attitudes to climate change and renewable energy
    • Research on household direct and indirect energy demand
    • Rural community responses to climate change
    • Assessment of scope for land base mitigation of climate change
    • Visualisation and 3D modelling
    • Shadow flicker, photomontage and wireframe modelling for
    • Visual Impact Assessment
    • Land quality surveys, investigations and risk assessments
    • Hydrological / flood risk assessments
    • Ecological surveys and assessments
    • Social impact assessments
    • Carbon payback from wind turbine development
    • Environmental forensic services
    • Analytical services


For further information contact:
Margaret McKeen
Research Scientist

James Hutton Limited
The James Hutton Institute
AB15 8QH

T: +44(0)1224 395273
F: +44(0)844 9285429
E: margaret.mckeen@hutton.ac.uk