Leiths (Scotland) Ltd


Leiths Group is a family company which supplies mineral and construction products and services.  The company employs around 500 people throughout Scotland, with its headquarters in Aberdeen.  Leiths operates quarries supplying mineral products, asphalt and concrete and also provides construction services including demolition through Lawrie Demolition, road marking and planing through Markon and road construction and maintenance.

Kishorn Port Ltd, a partnership between Leiths and Ferguson Transport, operates the former Howard Doris yard at Loch Kishorn.  This site offers ideal facilities for offshore wind manufacturing, assembly and fabrication.


For further information contact:

Simon Russell
Group CEO

Leiths (Scotland) Ltd
AB12 3LR

T: +44(0)1224 876333
F: +44(0)1224 876332
E: srussell@leiths-group.co.uk