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JCE Energy is an innovative division of the JCE Group of companies.  We specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of ex certified Solar Power Pod packages to a multitude of different locations worldwide and control systems for use with solar, tidal, wind, biochemical power and other renewable energy sources.

The Solar Power Pods are suitable for Zone 1, Zone 2 and Safe Areas.  They are available in different power ratings from 120-960 watt peak with output voltages ranging from 12V – 240V ac or dc.  The control units can also include power conversion to provide regulated ac or dc output.  Each solar pod is ATEX compliant, easily assembled, transportable and robust making this product a key investment when and if a solar powered solution is needed in a hazardous area.

The Hybrid Solar Pod is a compact wind and solar power unit.  It is fitted with a small wind turbine to enable the solar panel to charge up the battery pack.  This has been designed to produce a power source in locations where there is not enough sun light to charge the batteries fully.

The Solar Satcom Pod is a compact powered remote satellite telemetry system utilising the latest satellite/internet technologies to bring data from a remote location to your computer.  The satellite internet telemetry system includes a data transceiver, a solar panel, a rechargeable battery, a ground to satellite antenna and mounting hardware.  The unit facilitates wireless local area network (wlan) interface and portable telephone communications.

Typical applications for our products in remote locations include video monitoring, telecommunication systems, bird scaring solutions, valve monitoring, cathodic protection control, instrumentation and sensor monitoring.

Based in Aberdeen, JCE Energy has an in-house engineering, production and sales team.  Using historic knowledge and expertise we strive to deliver a customised product developed to the highest standard ensuring it meets each individual clients’ needs.

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