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ISIS is committed to offering our clients flexible, cost-effective solutions to aid asset life extension, by providing innovative, leading edge inspection services to the offshore oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

ISIS is the industry leader in advanced subsea cathodic protection surveys, is the leading edge provider of innovative subsea cathodic protection monitoring solutions & underwater inspection technologies.

The systems deployed by ISIS have been developed utilising the combined knowledge and experience of over 100 man years in the field, with thousands of pipeline and structural CP surveys undertaken over the last 40 years. This knowledge and experience has played a major part in the development of the most advanced and reliable online subsea structural and pipeline CP inspection systems available anywhere.

ISIS also provides the following cathodic design services:

  • CP design, supply, installation & survey
  • Sacrificial and impressed current anode systems for all onshore & offshore structures
  • (old and new)
  • Offshore assets, harbours, jetties & piers (ALWC), wind farm piling systems & pipelines
  • Design of anode retrofit programs
  • Project management of installations
  • CP Modelling


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