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Intertek Microbiology was founded to tackle the microbial threats which can damage various industries. Commercial Microbiology began life in the early 1980s, providing test kits for bacterial monitoring in oil fields. The company was acquired by Intertek in 2008.

Today, this is still an everyday part of our business; but just a small piece of what is a major consultancy and training provider. We also have a research and development centre for the development of new techniques to tackle microbiological problems.

Our capabilities extend across the spectrum of microbiology and embrace many industries.

The microbiologists, chemists, geologists and engineers who make up the team (all experts in their field) are integral to our work for clients in more than 20 countries around the world.

Our expertise and services include:

  • Consultancy (e.g. offshore audits, microbial influenced corrosion (MIC), modelling and prediction, contamination and failure prediction and chemical treatment)
  • Production biochemistry (biocide evaluation and efficacy, biofilm studies, bioremediation, molecular microbiology and treatment regime)
  • Health and hygiene (potable water management, legionella management and environmental management)
  • Diesel testing (quality control)
  • Products (Sidestream®, biofuel monitors, bacterial and fungal media and microbial testing consumables)
  • Big-Tracker® management systems (biodegradation microbiology, legionella management, MIC and reservoir souring monitoring programmes)
  • Training (oilfield microbiology, MIC, reservoir souring and legionella awareness)
  • Field services (microbiological audits and surveys, routine monitoring and analyses, dissolved oxygen surveys, biocide treatment optimisation, system reviews and failure investigation)

For further information contact:
Heike Hoffmann
Consultant Microbiologist

Intertek Microbiology
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