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Established in 2008, Hill of Banchory ESCo (HOBESCO) is an energy services company based in Aberdeenshire, which owns and operates a number of biomass heat installations around the Banchory area. 

Our flagship is the Hill of Banchory Biomass Energy Centre and Heat Network.  It is one of the largest privately-owned renewable networks in Scotland, providing affordable green heat for both residential and commercial building, thus enabling them to have a more secure and sustainable renewable energy future.  Operating since 2012, its planned expansion continues, with more residential and community buildings due to be connected over the next few years.   It has been described as a ‘pioneering example of local decentralised energy using locally-produced woodchips’ and it has saved over 3,000 tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere to date.

Located alongside the Energy Centre is a Woodland Energy-Trail, which is used during educational visits to help explain the whole process from forest to home.

In 2015-16, a geothermal study was undertaken in a collaborative effort between; Aberdeen University, HOBESCO and other partners.  Its aim was to better understand the feasibility of linking a local geothermal heat source into a heat network.  

AREG members and supporters of renewables are all welcome to arrange a visit to the Hill of Banchory Biomass Energy Centre.  Please get in touch for more details or access our website, where you can also
watch a video animation of how our Hill of Banchory scheme operates.


For further information contact:

Dave Watson
Operations Manager

Hill of Banchory ESCo
Banchory Business Centre
Burn O’Bennie Road
AB31 5ZU

T:  +44(0)1330 826555