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With its own Multi-Functional Supply Vessels and ROVs, Fletcher offers marine services for the offshore renewables and oil and gas industry.

Specialising in sea-bed preparation including survey and boulder clearance for wind farms, Fletcher has found a unique way to create vital cost savings:

  • Own and operate a range of low-cost DP
    supply vessels
  • Have created their own ROV technology
    (The Zodiac TT)
  • No middleman sub-contractors
  • One-stop-shop
  • Ready to mobilise straight away

The Fletcher Vessel Fleet has operated in the harsh conditions of the North Sea for over 10 years and has a strong reputation for safety and reliability.

Working successfully to clear boulders for wind turbine cables in the English Channel, Fletcher realized efficiencies could be made, so with an expanded technical team has created the Zodiac TT:

The Zodiac TT is different from a conventional ROV: it hangs on a lift cable and a 15 tonne SWL active heave compensated winch. This allows it to do a range of tasks not currently capable from a single piece of equipment and vessel. The Zodiac can be put to work doing:

  • Survey
  • Cable burial using mass flow excavator
  • Boulder relocation
  • UXO identification
  • Decommissioning in the Oil and Gas Sector and much more

Fletcher’s new era as an all-energy marine service company has been firmly established and with such a unique low-cost offering, continues to go from strength to strength.


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