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Divex are world leaders in diving equipment technology.  Our vision is to be the unrivalled first choice of international underwater operators for diving equipment, support services and technology.

Divex is embracing the offshore renewable opportunity by applying its wealth of engineering experience in the offshore environment.  The progressive expansion from near shore to offshore, with the associated greater water depths and more severe environment, is requiring the energy providers to manage the problems the offshore oil and gas industry has encountered and successfully solved over the past four decades.

Divex, as the leading provider of diving technology, in designing sophisticated life support and launch and recovery systems offers many solutions to address these problems.  In particular we are evolving innovative solutions to such issues as:

  • Wind turbine foundation design and installation methods
  • Purpose designed vessels for year round maintenance to maximise the availability of the turbine generators
  • Personnel access from vessel to turbine tower in higher sea states
  • Daughter craft launch and recovery systems

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