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DIRECTTECH Global® GmbH is based in Germany and was founded in 2004 to provide additional sustainable concepts based on direct technologies. Besides the highly efficient infrared heating technology, we are concentrating on the development of a decentralised vertical wind energy concept named THE SILENT REVOLUTION®. This concept is patented worldwide in important strategic regions.

THE SILENT REVOLUTION® concept is designed to be integrated in the architecture and enhances the infrastructure of SMART cities as well as communities. Connected with storage capabilities it does not become grid-dependent. Numerous turbines become a Virtual Power Station. Combined with other services such as telecommunication, street lighting, hydrogen storage or e-mobility, it becomes a compact solution for urban economic upgrade and infrastructural development of rural areas. These business models, also including “Green Marketing”, are intended to strengthen the renewable energy transformation process.

DIRECTTECH`s effort is to provide innovations with highest quality. We are therefore proud to be cooperating with diverse experts, scientific institutes and universities. THE SILENT REVOLUTION® has run as the worldwide first vertical wind turbine system through the highest level of certification related to industrial standards.

High quality, reliable safety systems and adjustable applications build the foundation of our future-oriented contribution for the energy system. Focusing on both, rural and urban electrification, THE SILENT REVOLUTION® concept can be classified as a fundamental part of each national energy supply system and fulfils the high challenge of the company members to provide additional sustainable concepts to save the existence of further generations.


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