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Current2Current Ltd is developing a vertical axis tidal turbine. A Proof of concept prototype has been tested in inshore water trials during 2016. The 1.4 metre prototype successfully produced power up to the limit of the installed generator with cut in flow velocity of 0.5m/s.

It generates power, exhausting in the vertical plane, thereby creating a downforce that significantly improves stability and reduces the anchoring loads required. It is thus easy to deploy and anchor using proven subsea industry techniques. A number of markets have been identified for the product including:

Micro power  100-500W for sensors, monitoring and telemetry equipment

  • The turbine will act as a subsea power source in conjunction with a subsea battery system. Applications identified for this are:
  • Oil & Gas applications for mature assets and for new marginal field developments
  • Environmental, Seismic and Geotechnical monitoring applications

Medium power – 10-250kW installed in arrays of one or more turbines. Applications for this are: 

  • Island community electricity supply
  • Trace heating of long step out pipelines in oilfield applications
  • Other e.g. fossil fuel replacement power

Macro power – 300kW-1MW. Applications for this are:

  • Tidal power projects yielding multi-megawatts installed in arrays of multiple turbines

For the micro power applications, a 3 metre turbine is needed. For the medium power applications, 4-6 metre units are needed depending on available current. In the next development phase, a production unit of 4m will be manufactured and tested achieving a track record bracketing both markets.

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