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Blue Water Shipping A/S was founded in 1972 and today has more than 60 offices worldwide and with local representation in Aberdeen. Blue Water Shipping today has more than 1,300 employees across the globe.

Blue Water Shipping A/S has been involved in offshore wind since 1994 and its track record includes some of the best known projects such as King Mountain, Smøla, Black Law, White Lee, West Wind, Wolfe Island, Horns Rev I, Horns Rev II, Greater Gabbard, Thanet, Q7, Quesnoye, Robbin Rig, Walney I, HP Wind, Sherringham Shoal and London Array.

We offer a one-stop-shop concept including port agency, stevedoring, terminal setup, road-air-sea transport, consultancy, special designed IT systems and in-house naval architects.

On a yearly basis our port operations handle more than 300 port calls and 260 stevedoring operations related to the wind industry and our transport division transported more than 2600 turbines units in 2010.

We operate more than 1.5 million of terminals and warehouse facilities in Esbjerg, Denmark and we are the preferred contact for many operators within the wind turbine market.

With 20 years of experience within offshore wind, we are one of the key players in relation to port set up and transportation, with constant development of IT systems and equipment and our dedicated staff we can offer a unique service found nowhere else.

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Stewart Greig

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Blue Water Shipping
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