Balmoral Offshore Engineering


Balmoral has extensive experience of the polymer and composite industry including design, material selection, stress analysis, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning as well as offering inhouse R&D and laboratory facilities.

The company has worked with the renewable energy sector for many years designing and manufacturing products including composite wind tower turbine covers and blades as well as subsea components for wind and tidal generators, elastomer cable protection, bend stiffeners and restrictors.

Balmoral was named as one of the companies successful in achieving funding for an engineering design study into alternative structural material and manufacturing processes to be used in the production of wave energy converters (WECs).

The research is part of Scottish Government-backed Wave Energy Scotland’s (WES) drive to produce efficient and reliable components and subsystems that will form the basis of cost effective wave energy generation. The initiative is designed to enable developers to take projects from conception to proving and demonstration.

The company’s reputation has been built upon research, development and technical innovation.
It is this commitment to progress that has helped Balmoral achieve its status as a market leader in its chosen sectors.

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