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Aberdeenshire Council’s Environmental and Climate Change Policy was approved in November 2016 along with its new Climate Change Action Plan 2020. The corporate policy aligns with the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 Public Bodies Duties and articulates local commitments across the sustainable development agenda. In addition to this the Council approved a Carbon Budget for 2017/18 becoming the first local authority in Scotland to use this approach. The Carbon Budget process each year will engage all services in climate change mitigation and assist the Council in meeting its approved CO2 reduction target of 44% by 2025.

The Council’s approach to energy is one of transition, consistent with UK and Scottish objectives and targets. Aberdeenshire Council is working collaboratively with key regional partners to co-ordinate the production of a regional Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). The aim of the SEAP is to deliver an energy vision for the North East predicated on energy security, reduced environmental impacts and energy affordability. Since 2016 Aberdeenshire Council, along with the rest of the Public Sector, has been subject to mandatory reporting to the Scottish Government under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act.

With around one quarter of Scotland’s arable land, a large wind resource, water resources and areas with high levels of tree cover, Aberdeenshire has significant potential to produce heat, electricity and, indirectly, hydrogen, from renewable resources.

The Council recognises the environmental and economic benefits of reduced dependence on hydrocarbon fuels. It is working with a range of partners to encourage local ownership of renewable energy schemes to the benefit of the local economy. The level of locally owned wind turbines in Aberdeenshire is the highest in the UK.

The Council continues to support the development of the wood fuel industry utilising Aberdeenshire’s natural resources to meet growing demand for renewable sources of heat for commercial, agricultural and domestic uses.

A programme of installing electric vehicle charging points across Aberdeenshire is underway.


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