All-Energy Exhibition and Conference, AECC, Aberdeen

Aberdeen’s All-Energy Exhibition and Conference is the UK‚Äôs largest annual renewable energy show with over 8000 delegates attending the event over¬†two days in May. It¬†is a vibrant focus for renewable energy business development, technology innovation and skills transfer and¬†continues to grow year on year, attracting thousands of industry professionals from around the world.

The show is run annually in Aberdeen, with huge support from Aberdeen City and Shire’s energy industry, many of which are looking to diversify from offshore oil and gas into offshore renewables. There is also a significant biomass industry in the region and a raft of professional skills and expertise well placed to support this growing market.

Aberdeen’s long standing international trade links with other energy regions around the world also help to attract visitors into the city from countries such as Canada, the US, Brazil, Venezuela, Norway,¬†China and¬†Japan to name just a few. To encourage renewable energy trade links AREG also hosts an International Reception the night before the show for inward delegations and invites its members and Pavilion exhibitors along with VIPs to attend this prestigious event.

The show has been supported by AREG, Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council throughout its entire history.  The region joins forces with a massive group presence in the Aberdeen City and Shire Pavilion Рtraditionally the largest and busiest at the show every year. This huge pavilion is dedicated to supporting and promoting local companies and their renewable energy skills.

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