About Aberdeen

Over forty years experience in oil and gas operations has established Aberdeen as one of the most influential, innovative and proactive energy cities in the world.

Many leading international energy companies are based in the city, which is recognised as the Energy Capital of Europe. Aberdeen is home to a unique concentration of around 900 energy related businesses, agencies, government bodies and research institutes. This innovative, experienced and resilient energy supply chain leads the way around the world.

These strengths have enabled Aberdeen to play an important role in accelerating the growth of the UK renewables market, into which many technical oil and gas, research and project management skills are directly transferable, particularly in the offshore wind and marine sectors.

Aberdeen is also home to a huge renewable energy R&D hub focused on innovation, commercialisation and skills development, helping to support and grow the complete spectrum of renewables technologies.

In short, Aberdeen is equipped to spearhead the UK’s drive in the new world wide energy future with:

  • International energy alliances and strategic connections
  • Influence in energy development
  • World-class research, innovation and commercialisation in energy technologies
  • International project management, development and commissioning capabilities

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