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Town Rock Energy (TRE) is Scotland’s go to deep geothermal energy specialist. The company combines geological and energy data analysis to identify deep geothermal project sites, and facilitates them by acquiring funding and gathering the perfect project consortium. The result is sustainable, affordable, local, secure low-carbon heat for communities and industry.

TRE’s team is composed of oil industry veterans and passionate graduates, supported by a network of partners. TRE’s main services are:

  • geothermal resource identification and evaluation
  • geothermal well design and costing
  • risk register and mitigation strategies
  • heat mapping and modelling
  • thermal storage modelling
  • business model creation
  • project management
  • stakeholder engagement
  • advise to public sector through Scottish Governments Geothermal Energy Expert Group
  • thermal conductivity field sample collection, laboratory measurement and analysis in our specialist laboratory in St Andrews
  • minewater chemistry analysis

TRE has been a significant partner in four project feasibility studies. All of these projects are ground-breaking for Scotland, and are jump-starting the geothermal sector with TRE positioned as industry leader. The projects are:

Grangemouth Energy Project – contributed energy mapping, DHN modelling and a minewater geothermal resource evaluation for the DHN options appraisal at Grangemouth.

Fortissat Community Minewater Geothermal DHN – contributed project management, geothermal system design options appraisal, risk assessment and mitigation strategies, business model and report integration.

Guardbridge HSA Geothermal DHN – contributed geothermal resource evaluation, well design, technical and economic options appraisal and report reviewing.

Banchory Granite Geothermal DHN – contributed field sample collection for new suite of thermal conductivity measurements, and risk register with mitigation strategies.

For further information please contact:

David Townsend
Founder & MD

Town Rock Energy
East Woodlands House
AB21 0HD

T: 07841910719